Current Payment Processors

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Payment Processor Name Associated Faucet Rotator
MicroWallet Surf MicroWallet Faucets
Moon Bitcoin Surf Moon Bitcoin Faucets
Xapo Surf Xapo Faucets
BitVisits Surf BitVisits Faucets
Alien Faucet Surf Alien Faucet Faucets
Paytoshi Surf Paytoshi Faucets
CrocoCoin Surf CrocoCoin Faucets
FaucetBox Surf FaucetBox Faucets Surf Faucets
Tree Bitcoin Surf Tree Bitcoin Faucets Surf Faucets
Bitcoin Cloud Surf Bitcoin Cloud Faucets
Weekend Bitcoin Surf Weekend Bitcoin Faucets Surf Faucets
Fast Satoshi Surf Fast Satoshi Faucets
The BTC Generator Surf The BTC Generator Faucets
Epay Surf Epay Faucets
BTC 4 You Surf BTC 4 You Faucets
CoinBase Surf CoinBase Faucets
BagBitcoin Surf BagBitcoin Faucets Surf Faucets
BitcoinSpace Surf BitcoinSpace Faucets
CarBitcoin Surf CarBitcoin Faucets
Mellow Ads Surf Mellow Ads Faucets
Claim BTC Surf Claim BTC Faucets
Bonus Bitcoin Surf Bonus Bitcoin Faucets
BioBTC Surf BioBTC Faucets
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