Altcoins Volatile as Bitcoin Surges

October 15, 2017 freebtcwebsite 0

Bitcoin’s recent price surge has once again created volatility across the crypto space. Major altcoins have seen significant price fluctuation since the beginning of the month. Although these tumultuous periods are not new, some notable differences are evident during this current cycle. Examining these differences may give insight into crypto adoption and investment trends. There… View Article

Korea Bans ICO: Another Case Like China?

October 6, 2017 freebtcwebsite 0

On September 29th, South Korea’s Financial Services (FSC) announced a ban on all forms of initial coin offerings regardless of the technology or terminology employed. The FSC reasons that ICOs are too speculative and volatile and wants to protect investors from scams and market manipulation. Furthermore, the FSC will continue to discuss regulations regarding established… View Article

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Bitcoin Price Watch; Here Are This Morning’s Levels

October 6, 2017 freebtcwebsite 0

So we’re off on another day’s trading out of Europe and it is time to get some levels in place that we can use to take advantage of any volatility in the bitcoin price. Yesterday’s session was a pretty interesting one. We got lots of early morning volatility and we were able to jump in… View Article